Locnote is a travel journal application which enables its users to create groups of places and keep notes and photos for each place. The location data can be searched with Google and Yelp.

  • Implemented multithreading using GCD and operation objects to download multiple image data and request location data in background, in order to prevent pausing user interface.

  • Used file system to store user's photos for saved locations. Those images are accessed with a path saved in the database.

  • Designed UI and the app icon.

Objective-C Cocoa Touch Core Location Core Data File System Multithreading GCD Google Places API Yelp API Photoshop
   Restaurant Menu is a restaurant menu viewer that lists restaurant’s menu items, saves favorite dishes, shows the restaurant information, and receives news from the restaurant using push notification and in-app mail box.

Objective-C Cocoa Touch Push Notification(Urban Airship) Core Location

Message Receiver

   Message Receiver is an iOS client of this portfolio site which receives push notifications when messages are sent from the contact form. The app also sends HTTP request to the server and displays message contents.
Objective-C Cocoa Touch HTTP request Push Notification


   Aerial is a screensaver for macOS. The app streams video from a server, so the content can be updated anytime remotely. The app is written in Swift and the server side is written in Ruby. All aerial videos are captured at many different locations by myself using drones.

Message Box

Message box is a web-application which receives messages from visitors and sends push notification and message contents to a client iPhone app.
Ruby on Rails Ruby JSON Twitter Bootstrap HTML CSS Javascript JQuery Ajax

CrossfitBook (Team of 8 students)

   CrossFitBook is a web-application that enables its users to log daily exercises, log body conditions, and visualize this data over time.
  • Led the team of 8 students, distributed tasks, and advised team members as a project manager
  • Utilized agile software development methods such as use case, pair programming, and code reviews
  • Created server side architecture (Database, Models, Controllers)
  • Chosen as the most recognized team member by peer review
  • CrossFitBook was selected among the top 3 of 15 projects
Agile software development MVC Java Apache Tomcat Java Servlet Jsp SVN Eclipse MySQL HTML CSS Javascript JQuery AJax